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Pronounced /dʒist/ "jeest."

Noun. A portmanteau of "G", and "Beast." Literally refers to a beast that is a G.

Verb. To beat down in a sexually dominant fashion.

Adv. Geastily
Adj. Geastly
Dude, Auron is a geast!

He claims to never lose at this video game, but last week he was geasted into submission.

Did you see that fool faceplant? Geastly!
by grassmudhorse April 03, 2009
a gay beast
Dude that guy mehdi is a geast.
Ohh yeah man he gives me the shivers!!
by the_pathan April 24, 2010
combination of a beast and a geek
After scouring the waiver wire for some holds that helped solidify my spot a top my fantasy league I realized I might be the biggest Geast of all time.
by tgrizzle2007 June 29, 2009