The abreviation of either 'Great Britain' or 'Gigabytes'
Example 1: GB is a shit hole....

Example 2: My MP3 holds 34 GB of songs...
by Joe Nazmdeh December 01, 2006
GB (GHB or liquid extascy) a fantastic substance to f**ck on!!!!
by Alison Layton August 15, 2003
GB is short for Gun Bound, a very l33t game in which you blast away your foe. MUH HA HA HA
I oWnZ you @ GB beotch!
by Kevin Cloud May 26, 2004
Pretending to be ill to get a day off of work.
Doing a GB.
"That guy isn't ill, hes doing a GB".
by Joe Munns August 03, 2005
An abbreviation of ghetto blaster, otherwise known as a portable stereo. WARNING: may blast head off. Dangerously contagious.
I love G-Tay on the GB
by J-A-B April 02, 2007
Corey Ott
Lover of gay boner
by Tim Miller November 05, 2003
Great Britain
I've got a GB sticker on my car.
by Captain Pedantic January 09, 2004

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