The abreviation of either 'Great Britain' or 'Gigabytes'
Example 1: GB is a shit hole....

Example 2: My MP3 holds 34 GB of songs...
by Joe Nazmdeh December 01, 2006
Short for ghetto blaster(see def. 7), a chaep way to smoke weed
What size GB do you want to use, 2 liter or 3 liter?
by Rio Jayne July 02, 2005
GB is short for ghetto booty, you know a fat ass
Damn!!! That chick has a GB!!!
by Doh, Tyson, Pz, JG April 09, 2005
Short for Green Bay.
October 31, 2004:
GB 34 WSH 7
by anonymous May 06, 2004
Gangsta bitches that roll deep. A Chicago gang from all side there are only chick associated with this gang.
You see that bitch she GB

I would fight her but she in Gb
by babii bubbles May 13, 2008
Abbreviation for 'GunBound', a cool game.

pro: i am gona own some n00bz on GB!
n00b: y wuld u wana own NOOBZ?
by thegamer July 05, 2007
GB stands for Grow Bed, a place where you grow plants in either an aquaponics system or in a hydroponics system
I harvested the tommies and basil I from my GB today -
by Aquamad May 11, 2007

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