gangsta bitches.the illest clique in the world.origanally from bloomington minnesota 2008 bitches.
is g.b oh shyt the illest;
by destiny starr April 28, 2008
Granny Boobs, sprinkle and loofa's definition
Dude that lady has huge GB's!
by Loofah Spongah April 12, 2008
1. A popular pastime for students in college Computer Science classes with access to wireless internet. Although secretive, this activity often involves groups of several students at a time, only to be discussed after class. 2. Also, a tool utilized by students to keep awake during boring lectures.
1. Seems that this semester I'll have 6 hours of GB scheduled per week.
2. Man, I'd be bored stupid or asleep every class if it wasn't for GB!
by infidel January 12, 2005
Means gay boy or gay buddies; usually referred to people named alex
"man alex, you're a GB for saying that purse is pretty!"
by ptsoccer07 March 04, 2010
To Gang-bang...or...group sex.
dude me and garvin totally gb'd gladice yesterday
by jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj June 15, 2007
Grimey Bitch - a term of jealousy; said to be a girl who takes her friend's boyfriend, but really means a girl who "takes" a guy from another girl although they didn't date in the first place, and the two girls are in the same group of friends, but haven't ever really associated.
Oh my God, Julie is such a GB!!!
by Julie Eakins December 05, 2006
Short for Green Bay.
October 31, 2004:
GB 34 WSH 7
by anonymous May 06, 2004
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