A way in which a user smokes marijuana. A bottle (preferably Aquafina) is used in which a socket wrench cap is used as the bowl where the cap is. A carb is then burnt into the bottle at the bottom for draining purposes. then put a bowl in the hole in the cap and fill the bottle up with water (and put weed in the bowl). Ignite the marijuana and unplug the hole at the bottom of the bottle. Asthe water drains out the smoke should be pulled into the chamber. When all teh water has been drained out, take off the cap and suck in the compressed smoke.
GB's on the reg.

That GB got me SuperMan high.
by TopherThe Smoker December 10, 2009
Short for gossip buddy.
{OMG} i just heard some juicey gossip! Where is my GB?!
by Blake23 August 30, 2009
An abbreviation for Good Bum

Used for secret occasions with friends to mutually communicate an attractive butt in the vaccinity.
"Hot damn, would you look at that GB?"

"What...? My gameboy?"

"No asshole, that amazing ass!
by Zyke April 01, 2010
A game of GB is short for German bastards you are in a group of 2-4 something around that and their is like 4 other people the british on one team each person has a letter of the word the other team has to beat the letter out of all of them and if they get the word right you swap over.
2.Great britian
1.Boy1:-Punches in arm- WHATS YOUR LETTER
2.Boy2: A!
2.GB-Really you should know what Great britian is but for the people across the world
A country filled with immigrants and is not so "great" anymore the economy has took a downfall and in a couple of years will probably be bankrupt
Ps.we got the worse priminister
pss.for forerigners thinking of coming here or living here
by Jack Begley September 08, 2008
gang bang
Yo jigga there's gonna be a huge gb n John's basement tonight.
by John ryan and Beau July 12, 2008
Granny Boobs, sprinkle and loofa's definition
Dude that lady has huge GB's!
by Loofah Spongah April 12, 2008
short form for -->Good Bye
-talk to you later (ttyl)
-ok, gb!
by Ramiro Gutierrez July 10, 2006

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