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Short for Gang Bang.
Hey did you go to that GB last night?
by ACATCH4 January 04, 2010
G.B = Gass Block
when someone is talking, nonsense, or when they are telling lies

lie talking nonsense
Person #1: I went to the moon yesterday

Person#2: Your a G.B
by McRebsz October 25, 2011
gaming slang short for game bunker, a term used to describe a party or clan for gaming.
Hey man, want to join my party?
Not right now, i'm in a gb.
by Philamnt June 22, 2010
gangsta bitches.the illest clique in the world.origanally from bloomington minnesota 2008 bitches.
is g.b oh shyt the illest;
by destiny starr April 28, 2008
Gay boy. Term for homosexuals.
He was a little light in the loafers, came across a little like a g.b.
by Elroy Fitz February 01, 2004
Get Bummed. Can be used to mean "It's your own fault, get over it" (Ex. Student: "The dog ate my homework!" Teacher: "GB.") or "this isn't going to be good." (Ex. I am going to totally GB on this test. I didn't study at all!)

This word was created by a wonderful teacher at SLVHS.
You didn't hear what GB means? I've already explained it twice, so just GB.
by ~Emily~ January 31, 2007
A way in which a user smokes marijuana. A bottle (preferably Aquafina) is used in which a socket wrench cap is used as the bowl where the cap is. A carb is then burnt into the bottle at the bottom for draining purposes. then put a bowl in the hole in the cap and fill the bottle up with water (and put weed in the bowl). Ignite the marijuana and unplug the hole at the bottom of the bottle. Asthe water drains out the smoke should be pulled into the chamber. When all teh water has been drained out, take off the cap and suck in the compressed smoke.
GB's on the reg.

That GB got me SuperMan high.
by TopherThe Smoker December 10, 2009