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v. The act or activity of gay people watching.
On his coffee break, Mike likes to take his tall-double-mocha-soy-latte and go gayzing down by the Ferry Building.
by sleedle January 06, 2007
Term used when you catch a guy staring at your junk.
Guy #1: "Dude, are you staring at my junk?"
Guy #2: "What? No."
Guy #1: "Yes you were, you were totally gayzing!"

Guy: "I caught your gay friend staring at my junk yesterday"
Girl: "Really?! Were you wearing underwear?"
Guy: "Nah, I was freeballing it"
Girl: "Well, then you can't blame him for gazing!"
by Mann Monroe September 10, 2012
The act of staring lustfully at your gay crush
I spent all of Chemistry gayzing at Angela and missed all the notes...
by Pan-cakes June 17, 2016
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