This is a term when someone is pissed the hell off at someone who had just killed/pwned them. They say this at a person, or a event that has just happend.
Oh, tat n00b is o gayz0rs! he uses those maj0r h4x0rs!

Oh, that was gayz0rs how he shot me. HE USES THOSE FUCKING H4XX0RS!
by JsRf13 March 08, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who is a big gay.
Usually used in games : someone that plays like a gay, using coward tactics.
Damn, stop playing like a gayz0r, don't camp like that :-@
by K3vin April 23, 2005
Outside of l33t speak, describing anything stupid or illogical. Used when there may be people present who take offense to using "gay" as a pejorative.
The movie theater's closed because it's raining? That's gayz0rs!
by grundig May 19, 2005
Used in order to identify someone who is acting in a way that the user is affended by.
John Silvey is so Gayz0r! he just sits there with that stupid sniper rifle!
by Vince Rossano December 12, 2003
Interchangable with Phal at times. Whereas the aforementioned is a nickname exclusively for anybody by the name of Phil or Phillip, gayz0r is a nickname or adjective with the same meaning that can be used to refer to or describe anybody.

One drawback of the word is its anti-homosexual connotations and subsequent inappropriateness in mixed company.
My friend Phal is gayz0r.
by Diane October 20, 2004
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