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simply; to be a wod of gay.
Teddy: "I just slapped myself with a twizzler!"
Sally: "What? Gaywod!"
by BAAHHHHdfjbgfbgh October 13, 2006
21 4
to be a wod af gayness; implying that someone/something is a wod of gay
Tom- " I beat it last night to 2 men having gay butt sex"
Jim- " fuckin gaywod"
by waleed is gay October 16, 2006
12 6
a homosexual.

first used by the 9 year olds in south park several years ago and is still a very acceptable insult.
1)"Shut up gay wod"
2)"you're such a gay wod"
by badassmuther4000 June 18, 2005
7 17