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The balled-up remains of gaudy Christmas gift wrapping paper.
The children had more fun pelting each other with gaywads than they did playing with their gifts.
by Cat Chew November 19, 2009
34 26
a jackass. or someone who you would consider gay as an insult...who is stupid at the same time.
You're such a fucking gaywad
by Catherine May 06, 2004
342 150
Early 90's version of fag.
Stop being a gay wad.
by TSMason April 01, 2004
150 79
A childish, 4th-grade insult.
"OMG John wouldn't call me back. What a gaywad!"

"Get over it and grow up, nobody says gaywad."
by Gune July 10, 2008
156 86
a wad of gay.....
gaywad in the lost galaxy
by guess who November 19, 2003
170 116
N. A silly person. Not homosexual, but ridiculous in character or endeavor.

Adj. Foppish
1. Kenny Loggins was great when he was with Messina, but now he's such a gaywad.

2. What's with that gaywad beret?
by Anonymous January 30, 2004
125 89
A word which CNN anchor John Roberts is unfamiliar with.
Upon hearing the word "gaywad" in an interview with a youngster, John Roberts asked the question,"What is a gaywad?"
by Sinned383 November 26, 2009
51 18
1. A homosexual male
Dude, that Samuel Owens kid is sucha gay wad!
by KillaChris March 01, 2007
56 37