another word for film critic.
Coined by the Onion
The Onion hate's gaywads that critique their film.
#gaywad #homosexual #onion #film #critic
by Blackflame619 February 14, 2009
Top Definition
a jackass. or someone who you would consider gay as an insult...who is stupid at the same time.
You're such a fucking gaywad
by Catherine May 06, 2004
Early 90's version of fag.
Stop being a gay wad.
by TSMason April 01, 2004
A childish, 4th-grade insult.
"OMG John wouldn't call me back. What a gaywad!"

"Get over it and grow up, nobody says gaywad."
#stupid #gay #loser #childish #immature
by Gune July 10, 2008
a wad of gay.....
gaywad in the lost galaxy
by guess who November 19, 2003
N. A silly person. Not homosexual, but ridiculous in character or endeavor.

Adj. Foppish
1. Kenny Loggins was great when he was with Messina, but now he's such a gaywad.

2. What's with that gaywad beret?
by Anonymous January 30, 2004
A word which CNN anchor John Roberts is unfamiliar with.
Upon hearing the word "gaywad" in an interview with a youngster, John Roberts asked the question,"What is a gaywad?"
#homosexual #cnn #roberts #foley #assumptions
by Sinned383 November 26, 2009
1. A homosexual male
Dude, that Samuel Owens kid is sucha gay wad!
#homo #faggot #queer #homosexual #gay
by KillaChris March 01, 2007
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