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A bossy gay man who exercises autocratic authority over his group of friends, most often in social and cultural situations. The group of friends can be straight, gay or a mixture of the two. Said group tends to be very afraid of contradicting the gaytriarch for fear of repercussions that generally include loads and loads of drama.
Craig: "Why do we always have to go along with Adrian's plans?"

Michelle (exhales cigarette smoke): "Because Adrian's our gaytriarch, that's why."

Nicole (whispers): "Shhhh! Here he comes!"
by cfbaines December 03, 2009
A ubiquitous homosexual well known in a gay community; that guy or girl that every gay person seems to know. Not necessarily a leader, but a popular or prominent member or figurehead of a GLBTQ social group.
Longinus: "Hey Pepper, you know Rod Hardthick, don't you?"

Pepper: "Of course. Every gay person on this campus has at least heard of Rod. He's a total gaytriarch."

Celebrity examples include: Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John and Ellen
by khaodic April 20, 2011

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