A coach who has intimate contact with a referee.
Did you see the UF head coach put his hand on the referee’s shoulder before calling that bogus time out against AU. It’s a personal foul penalty for any player or coach to touch a referee, but not if you’re a Gaytor.
by milehigh October 12, 2007
A delusional University of Florida fan who worships a football program that began in the early 1990s. They are usually spotted by their clothing which is a pair of jorts (blue jean shorts) and something in a pukey orange and blue top. Most often they are migrant yankees who have arrived in Florida and jumped on a bandwagon in the 1990s. Their hobbies are throwing coke, piss, and pizza at opposing fans. They are second class citizens and all fear the University of Tennessee.
Q: Did you see that Florida Gaytor?

A: You mean the one with his sister on his arm?
by Rocky Topper July 11, 2012
a fag hater; someone that hates people of the homosexual preference
Wicked Is A Gaytor She Admited It Live On The Radio.
by Mr-Muffin=Nutz May 15, 2007
The top 10 ranked participating schools, followed by the number of recruited Merit scholars, are:

1. Harvard University--378
2. University of Texas--258
3. Yale University--228
4. University of Florida--224
5. Stanford University-217
6. University of Chicago-182
7. Arizona State University--176
8. Rice University-173
9. University of Oklahoma-170
10. Princeton University--165

A student at the Florida State University. See Nole or Seminole

Bill is the most famous GAY FSU Indian.
UF has, will and will always own FSU. STFU bill. you went to FSU caused UF rejected you HAHAHAHA
by P huNgy May 17, 2004

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