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The ratio of straight people to gay people in a given group or area.
1. This club has a very high gaytio doesn't it Raoul?
2. New Farm has a higher gaytio to other suburbs.
by Liamsan September 16, 2006
The ratio of gay (and gay defined) people to straight (and straight defined) people.
"the gaytio here is 50/50! thats insane!"

or "the gaytio of chicks to dudes hitting on me is 25/75. good thing, because as a hetero girl i prefer dudes. but if i were gay i would still have options..."
by Kili St. Cyr February 18, 2010

The phenomenon by which a party's girl to guy ratio is increased to account for homosexual males.
1. Because of the gaytio, Archibald's function was quite pleasant indeed, for all in attendance.

2. The jam seemed wack at first but after weighing the considerable gaytio, it was decided that staying was in the group's best interest.
by dr scholar July 13, 2011
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