(adj.) conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained homosexuality.
Those are gaytastic clothes.
by Kevin Cook February 19, 2003
Top Definition
Fantastically gay; homosexual in a flamboyant or otherwise excessive fashion.
That web site design is gaytastic. I mean, what's with all the animated GIFs?
by DopefishJustin November 28, 2003
The word for those who are sick of hearing the word gay being used in a negative way.
These biscuits are gaytastic!!!
by Yan-cha October 06, 2009
Contrary to what the stereotype would be, it means "awesome/incredibly cool." The opposite of the Hilary Duff ad campaign. Instead of getting rid of saying "that's gay," let's just make it a good thing. Yay equality!
Whoa! That's Gaytastic man!
by NerdAlert965 January 14, 2011
The opposite of fantastic.
So, how was that chick flick you guys watched last night?
Oh, it was gaytastic.
by Jordin from Lockport December 03, 2007
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