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Fantastically gay; homosexual in a flamboyant or otherwise excessive fashion.
That web site design is gaytastic. I mean, what's with all the animated GIFs?
by DopefishJustin November 28, 2003
32 13
The word for those who are sick of hearing the word gay being used in a negative way.
These biscuits are gaytastic!!!
by Yan-cha October 06, 2009
12 3
Contrary to what the stereotype would be, it means "awesome/incredibly cool." The opposite of the Hilary Duff ad campaign. Instead of getting rid of saying "that's gay," let's just make it a good thing. Yay equality!
Whoa! That's Gaytastic man!
by NerdAlert965 January 14, 2011
1 0
(adj.) conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained homosexuality.
Those are gaytastic clothes.
by Kevin Cook February 19, 2003
9 12
The opposite of fantastic.
So, how was that chick flick you guys watched last night?
Oh, it was gaytastic.
by Jordin from Lockport December 03, 2007
3 17