Being both gay and retarded at the same time.
That play was completely gaytarded.
by MrBigStuff April 11, 2006
adj. simulatneously stupid and homosexual
American Idol is gaytarded.
by Hugh Jass May 07, 2003
someone who is past the point of being gay, or retarded. Usually used by people who feel the need to alternate their insults.
"Shut the fuck up, everyone knows super smash brawl uses classic controller, your so fucking gaytarded!"
by Sgt.Rawr October 18, 2007
when you meet someone and you can't tell if they're gay or retarded.
"Dude, I was just talking to this dude and I can't tell if he's gay or retarded"

"He must be gaytarded"
by ATAboy July 28, 2009
*Adj: A person that is so stupid that it annoys the hell outta everyone around him.
*Verd: The action of being 'gaytarded' is acting upon a stupid impulse that makes you look frowned upon
*Adj* John is so gaytarded. He thinks he is funny but he is not.
*Verb* Skateboarding is gaytarded.
by Sushi Davis March 06, 2008
When a person is both gay and retarded at the same time.
Gay-tarded male: Do you want to go out sometime?
Other male: I don't roll that way, man.
Gay-tarded male: What do you mean...? (confused look)
Other male: You're gay-tarded!
by computer*geek July 05, 2006
When something is gay and retarded at the same time.
Brian: OMFG! That was the most gaytarded headshot in the world!

Justin: No, you just suck you noob.
by NightDante666 May 23, 2005

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