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Gangsters who turned pink/gay.
OMG Becky, look at his butt, he's a GAYSTER
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Someone who is acting stupid, or Being "Gay" Therefore he/she is a Gayster.
Person 1: Hey lets Party tonight?

Person 2: Naw, i gotta do my Homework...

Person 1: dude, ur such a Gayster!!
by Khan530 November 27, 2007
Adolescent male who uses the word "gay" as an adjective meaning "lame".
Those baggy-ass, Eminem-spewing white wannabees think they're gangstas, but they're just garden-variety gaysters.
by Trixie Sterling March 01, 2006
A term for a homosexual gangster.
The Gayster robbed my house.
by Travis55 December 07, 2011
A young/old individual who is trying to act gangster (and/or says that they are gangster) but instead ends up acting/sounding extremely gay, and preposterous.
"Oh! I'm so gangzzta! Yo, I'm like dee bomb digity, if ya'll know wut I meeeen! Hehehe! Cuz I'm gangster layyk dat!"

"No, you're not a gangster, you're a gayster."
by Bob Marley's Girl November 04, 2009
adjective for wanksta
why does he always act so gayster?
by Joe Arcarola October 03, 2003
Guys who wear pink. It is gay.
the man in the pink shirt is a gayster.
by tomakasi September 10, 2005

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