Funny wunny interesting lip. UGLY! ewwwwwwwwwwwwww dont touch me!
A dislexic walks into a bra.
by Chocolate June 16, 2003
Top Definition
a very ugly creature that annoys everybody and likes dick.


dude i just saw a freakin gayson

holy crap man, did it go for your cock?

yea! im fuckin scared
by duke mccalister March 23, 2010
When one male roommate tries to butt-rape his other male roommate at gunpoint.
"Guys, this morning Keith walked in my room holding a rifle in one hand, a shotgun in the other, and a pistol in his waistband. I was in my boxers and judging by the way he looked at me, he was gonna try to run the Gayson on me. Thank God Bruce walked in when he did."
by gingerspice1398 July 25, 2011
In referance to male, who utilizes his hand and wrist motion in a gay manner while he speaks.
You are such a gayson for acting gay.
by Saji December 25, 2004
Someone who is a pain in the ass, vegetarian, and has narcolepsy.
Damn, she is such a gayson. She passed out before 10 and threw up her vegetarian dinner.
by Dick Rasch Sr. August 02, 2011
A term for a young boy who is sexually confused or homosexual.
"Hey gayson get over here and look at this huge dick.#
by Le Wet Noodle January 21, 2016
Usually the first son... Typically stems from jealously of the younger, cooler, better looking son. Common names Cole, Chris etc
Dude, it's a shame bout your gay son, but at least you have Cade.
by Bee2 April 11, 2016
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