Something that reinforces negative stereotypes about Asian American men, such as: being nerdy; uncool; short; not athletic; asexual; unattractive; lacking a social life (especially success with women); and being overly obsessed with video games, computers, and anime/manga
Don't let Kaylah know you've never been to any of these nightclubs downtown, or she might think you're just another gaysian.

Damn, none of the girls we invited to the party showed up. Since this is turning out to be another gaysian night, wanna go check out what's on sale at Fry's?

Person A: Did you read the latest chapter of Bleach? It was translated last night!
Person B: Oh shit! I'm gonna download it right away.
Person C: Will you guys tone down the gaysianness!

Did you see the lame ending to Ninja Gaiden? They made Hayabusa all gaysian! After beating the bad guys he refuses Rachel's advances and disappears into the night, leaving her all by herself.
by Lun Tai-chou December 25, 2007
a gay or homosexual asian. usually chubby and with glasses.

gaysians can be found in many academic areas, libraries, school etc.
"dude did you see that little asian kid running with his rolling backpack?"

"yeah he is a total gaysian"
by big boy mcgee December 05, 2007
A Gaysian is a homosexual asian, usually applied to gay men, which are common in asian cultures
Xiao is a huge gaysian
by Big pimpin April 29, 2005
An Asian who is a stereotypical Asian, but in many negative ways. Often, gaysians are very uninteresting people who are socially awkward and lame and annoying. They are often overly addicted to their computers/video games. Having good grades does not mean someone is a gaysian, but if an Asian obsesses over work way too much where they do not know how to have fun, then they qualify as a gaysian. Gaysians are sometimes very trashy asians too, such as the asians who never care about anything in life except random things like Anime or trying very very hard to act like they are FOBs (fresh off the boat, in other words foreign Asians) when they probably grew up in New Jersey or something and just look like posers. Gaysians also try excessively hard to be Asian all the time, even when there is no real purpose or reason to. For example, a gaysian would rather know who Rain is than Stephen Colbert. Gaysians often stick together too, shunning non-asians and only talking in an Asian language to further exclude people not in their gaysian clique. NOTE: FOBs are not necessarily gaysians, only if they exhibit gaysian-like qualities. Overall, gaysians are just Asians who are very lame and not fun to be around at all. They often would not know fun even if it jumped up and bit them in the face. Also, gaysians (especially true of gaysian females) tend to be overdramatic about everything and this is often the result of them not being chill at all. For example, a gaysian would make a big deal about the littlest thing and create drama when it is completely unnecessary. While the definition may be different, it's kind of like the N-word equivalent for Asian people in application, but obviously much less severe.
Chris Rock: I love Asian people, but I hate gaysians!

"Yo we probably weren't invited to that party because they don't like to invite Asians. Damn it! Why do gaysians always have to ruin everything for Asian people"

Brandon: Yo Li, how come you never hang out with the Asian people at this college? You seemed to have a lot of Asian friends in high school.
Li: Because I don't like the Asians here. They're all gaysians.
by jawns2thatripples April 05, 2009
an asian that thinks just because they are from a different country that is technilogicly advanced that they are the supreme ruler of everything
that korean ex. "Jane Moon" is such a gaysian
by Luppy July 03, 2005
A fobby asian that oozes of asian pride to the point of wanting to bury them in a pit of rice.
Di Shiow Shwang: Let's go get some Boba fo lunch! And after, we can study fo next weeks test!
Matt: STFU please.
by Matt Connolly August 04, 2005
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