Adj. Acting or having the same attributes as an Asian homosexual or lebian
John is so gaysian.
by Slime Dog February 08, 2010
Doubt this one needs an explanation... It's what happens when you have a person who is gay and asian..
Hey... Did you see that gaysian Irving??? He is wearing fuchsia again.
by ssmcsnaps July 21, 2009
A person of asian descent who is also very obviously gay.
Evan: dude, that guy in the sequin jacket with the slanty eyes is obviously gay.

Charlie: Yeah, i look like a total gaysian.
by odillio July 23, 2010
Contrary to popular and intuitive belief, refers to a heterosexual Asian American male with a very tailored dress and style that signals he is trying too hard to not look gay but is in fact impossible because he is Asian.

Gaysians tend to be short in stature, have gel styled hair, wear fitted shirts, and make a strained effort to appear tough.
Guidos are to Italian Americans as Gaysians are to Asian Americans.
by titemonster March 30, 2009
An Asian man who, based on a well-put together look, could be homosexual, or could just look homsexual because he's Asian.
I just can't tell with him- he's so Gaysian.
by MissPinkKate November 29, 2005
a gay Asian not a happy Asian a homo asian
andrew was so gaysian last night
by Max dergosits January 23, 2008
Something that reinforces negative stereotypes about Asian American men, such as: being nerdy; uncool; short; not athletic; asexual; unattractive; lacking a social life (especially success with women); and being overly obsessed with video games, computers, and anime/manga
Don't let Kaylah know you've never been to any of these nightclubs downtown, or she might think you're just another gaysian.

Damn, none of the girls we invited to the party showed up. Since this is turning out to be another gaysian night, wanna go check out what's on sale at Fry's?

Person A: Did you read the latest chapter of Bleach? It was translated last night!
Person B: Oh shit! I'm gonna download it right away.
Person C: Will you guys tone down the gaysianness!

Did you see the lame ending to Ninja Gaiden? They made Hayabusa all gaysian! After beating the bad guys he refuses Rachel's advances and disappears into the night, leaving her all by herself.
by Lun Tai-chou December 25, 2007

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