a gay asian
Guy: man look at that gaysian over there
by Savannah2424 May 17, 2009
A gay asian
Chris likes to hire a cheap 'Gaysian' at the weekend..
by Joffy_boy September 19, 2008
An Asian that is Gay
by slicknick9 June 23, 2009
Gay Aain
wow There is a Gaysian
by Randie Maddy January 13, 2012
adjective and noun: an homosexual man who is originally and/or ethnically from an Asian country. This term is mainly used in a jokey, not offensive way, especially by gay men.
-Tom is not attractive to Caucasians like himself, he's definitely into gaysians.

-Look at Philip with his new gaysian boyfriend!
by MannyUK October 03, 2011
A homosexual Asian.
"Ah man, he is SUCH a gaysian."
by TherecameDonitello August 20, 2011
A male who is gay and Asian! Like Greggy from cake boss: the next great baker!
person A: god why you so gaysian?

person B: i was born in Asia and lived with a gay father.
by defuckeronyou December 27, 2010

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