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Two men wearing the same shirt, jeans, watch, shoes, etc etc
Hey look, me and Tom wore the same shoes today, how ironic.

Don't you mean "gay-ronic" ?
by Truffle Chunks October 26, 2009
Characterized by an insincere or playful expression of a homosexual or androgenous quality.

See metrosexual.
Ted ordered an appletini, a gayronic departure from his usual "scotch on the rocks".
by Ian Archer March 01, 2005
A combination of the words "gay" and "ironic." A coincidental situation that leans toward homosexual traits.
Dude #1: "Check it out! Me and Will wore the same shirt! How ironic!
Dude #2" "Isn't that, gay-ronic?"
by hipja lacy January 07, 2007