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Characterized by an insincere or playful expression of a homosexual or androgenous quality.

See metrosexual.
Ted ordered an appletini, a gayronic departure from his usual "scotch on the rocks".
by Ian Archer March 01, 2005
A combination of the words "gay" and "ironic." A coincidental situation that leans toward homosexual traits.
Dude #1: "Check it out! Me and Will wore the same shirt! How ironic!
Dude #2" "Isn't that, gay-ronic?"
by hipja lacy January 07, 2007
Two men wearing the same shirt, jeans, watch, shoes, etc etc
Hey look, me and Tom wore the same shoes today, how ironic.

Don't you mean "gay-ronic" ?
by Truffle Chunks October 26, 2009
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