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A simple word to obviously describe gay marriages. It is a compromise between two people of the same gender. Since marriage is to strong to use on same gender "matching" and people don't seem to accept that, just use gayriage or a better sounding word that means the same thing. The same principles apply like divorcing and raising a child.
-"Hey dude i heard you're getting married"
-"Nah im getting gayried tomorrow!"
-"Do your parents know you're getting into a gayriage though?"
-"No and they will never know"
#gay #marriage #gayriage #gayrriage #gayried
by RON2100 August 24, 2009
When two men get 'married', it is a gayriage, not a gay marriage.
A marriage is between a man and a woman, NOT a man and man or a woman and a woman (a lesriage).
Elton John played at Lance and Bruce's gayriage.
by Assweepay July 01, 2005
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