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A person who acts gay.
Hey! Stop touching me gaypher!
by gcude June 01, 2009
25 15
One of those gay little fake reindeer you put in your front yard on Christmas.

gay-fur = gaypher
Oh Morgyn would you look at those gayphers!
by Tennessee Gurl November 13, 2011
27 11
a gay gopher
when a guy gopher likes another guy gopher
by dennis June 01, 2003
24 20
Gaypher means your acting gay or you really are gay
Stop acting like a gaypher!
That shirt makes you look like a gaypher
by Mizz tasty August 23, 2010
7 13
What you see when you look in the mirror.
You look in the mirror and you see a gaypher.
by fred j. May 01, 2005
12 22