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A place where straight men should not go to pick up women.
Dude! this place is a total gayopolis, it is full of gay's.
by Mike Ball December 24, 2007
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The heart of GayLand! =)
The city and metro side that will surprise you on your next visit..and don't forget to visit Gayopolis's very own Gay Bar!
Moe Joe: HUGS-
Doctor Montgomerey Paul Roy: Hey fool get away from me!
Moe Joe: Gay bar! I wanna take you to the gay bar!
Doctor Montgomerey Paul Roy: If you don't stop stalking me then I'll get a restraining order!
Moe Joe: Once you go to my world, GayLand, all your troubles will be gone..especially in Gayopolis..where everyone is gay and happy!
by inSANE sh[a]w[n] April 26, 2008

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