Top Definition
a gay man's anus or asshole
"my gaynus hurts so bad after last night", said Brokeback Tim
by RGDUB June 04, 2006
A Gay person's anus.
I'll let you stick it in my Gaynus.
by T-boneable April 02, 2011
A Homosexual Male Vagina
Wow that guy sounds real gay.
Yeah He prob takes it in the gaynus
by Jim Reed June 07, 2006
Gay + Anus = Gaynus. When someone is just being stupid.
"Your such a fucking gaynus, d00d!"
by AnniehhTrixx October 12, 2009
n - act of being or being associated with the gay
"Brian gave Chris some gaynus for his anus."
by James Bass March 20, 2003
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