A combination of the words "gay" and "homo" which could be construed as slightly pejorative, but is often used simply in jest. 1: A term used among friends, either gay or straight to make fun of each other for doing or saying something stereotypically gay. 2: A term used by masculine-acting gay men to describe stereotypically gay men or overly feminine gay men.
1: Dude, did you just say that you like Madonna? You're such a gaymo! 2: Hey, check out the guy in the lycra shorts. What a gaymo.
by Deekers February 19, 2008
Top Definition
Group of gay and honorary gay individuals based on deviantART. Can normally be found on skype and are reknown for their baby waking abilities as well as their hotness.

Have been known to partake in various intoxicating substances in order to enhance the gaymo factor.
Sweet Mary Mother of God I wish I was in the gaymos
by chix0r October 20, 2005
A Gaymo is a friendly term used for a person who other people percieve to be Homosexual even if they are not ( But they still could be ) . Especially in the music and media industry.
The lead singer from " The Late Greats" is a Gaymo
by Tim Finn October 17, 2006
The name given to a man who pulls his partners hair in a fight
Jesus, look at him pulling her hair. What a Gaymo.
by Spoge hunter December 03, 2014
Used in the emo subculture to describe a gay emo person.
That emo is a gaymo. (it is used to describe if that emo's sexuality is gay or not.)
by InstaWare January 26, 2015
A gay Emo (Emo-punk, pretending to look like an Emo-punk person); a gay-guy sporting an Emo look

pl. gaymos
My friend is into gaymos.
by Hephaestion6 December 18, 2010
a combination of the word gay and homo. Can be used as an insult.
Stop bothering me you gaymo!
by humanbean96 April 22, 2009
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