a person who is gay and emo (even though emo ppl are gay but yno wat i mean like excesively gay)
dude wtf that guy is such a gaymo
by Aii November 12, 2007
A person who is gay and emo at the same time.
"Who's that dude over there in the black with the creepy haircut?" "IDK but he looks pretty gaymo!"
by heartu77 January 15, 2009
A person who is emo on the outside, but cheery and homosexual on the inside.
Hot Topic is such a gaymo store.

Emo Kid: *screams at stripping guys at pep rally*
Other Kid: *points at emo kid* Gaymo.
by PHWAMmish October 03, 2009
A Gaymo is actually someone who has Roland String sounds at the center of their musical piece
Oh check that guys string pad intro its soooo gaymo
by TimFinn March 14, 2007
n., v., adj., adv.,; a cross between gay and homo, but much worse than even both combined.
"Dude, shut the fuck up, that's really gaymo."
"HAHAHAHA! Look at that gaymo Juart!!"
"Lol, Huard is gaymo. ROfl"
by N3M3S1S February 05, 2003
a combination of gay and emo (emo being in and of itself gay)
that guy listens to bright eyes! what a gaymo!
by ryukosuru August 26, 2003
Emo slang for Emo kids pretending to be homosexual for the affection of other emos.
Is mark really gay? No he's just a gaymo.
by Corey Brin October 24, 2006
The ultimate form of bashing. A combonation of 'Gay' and 'Homo.' Faggot may be it's only match.
That was stupid. You're a gaymo!
by Alex Bauer May 21, 2003
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