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A male homosexual, or a very effeminate man. Usually spelled as one word, "gaylord".
Liberace was a real gaylord.
by shaboogie July 13, 2003
59 45
Phrase for homosexual, commonly used in playground antics to trick others into calling themselves gay, as illustrated below.
"Did you see that film last night Gaylords Say No?"


"Well, that means you're a gaylord."
by Carrie March 26, 2005
62 54
Large, 1000-lb capacity, cardboard box used for shipping pellets
Machine #3 is running low on material, can you get a full gaylord for it?
by Cheddarr July 18, 2006
90 84
A small town in southern Minnesota. Located in Sibley County. Repeatedly made fun of for the name of Gaylord. Sometimes called Gaytown and towns around us refer to us as Gaykids. Others also say we are gay.
"Hey, I'm from Arlington. Where are you from?"
"Oh, I'm from Gaylord!"
"Haha are you, like, Gay or something?
by lovespentinthedark March 21, 2011
7 3
1. a last name
2. a first name
there is a group on facebook called "my last name is Gaylord so fuck you" which currently has 100 members, including myself and my brothers and sister.
by Lisa Gaylord November 21, 2008
22 18
What you would call a "super gay person" (or, literally, a "lord of the gays") or someone you just plain hate. It can be seen as a stronger version of the word "fag".
"Shut up, gaylord!" -Stan to Cartman in South Park
by DJ_InYourFace May 17, 2005
22 19
The ultimate insult to a person. Funnier if told to a gay guy or a jack
Amy: who's that?
Bob: that's the Gaylord
by 249)(3;,!8 October 28, 2012
1 2