its the game my boyfriend plays non stop and ignores me for.
"hey look he is playing gaylo again"
by scratchy305 April 09, 2008
Top Definition
What people who don't like the Halo games call them.
"Leave me the fuck alone and go play some Gaylo you little fuck!"

"Shut the fuck up about that damn game. All you've said is Gaylo this, Gaylo that!"
by IceWarm December 04, 2004
noun - the homosexual version of Halo.
I enjoy playing Gaylo on X-Box.
by Hugo Gonzalez October 31, 2003
Another word for the microsoft game Halo, accept after playing it awhile it becomes gay, so you take away the ha and add gay. also, this term can be used around girls so they dont know wat your talking about, or you can also use it to convince yourself your not obssessed with the game while playing on xbox live
alright dude lets play another game
no dude im sick of gaylo

Hey, after the party wanna play some gaylo at my crib?
gaylo? oooo gaylo yea sure

dude lets play some halo on xbox live
no dude ur obssessed
i mean gaylo
o, ok then
by k-trizzle July 07, 2006
It's what you call Halo 3 when it's being Gay.
I'm getting so sick of Gaylo 3 it's not even funny.
by Dareek November 05, 2009
Any Halo game
Hey want to play Gaylo?

Ewww no thats gay
by rawr17 January 08, 2010
a guy that is annoying or just acting gay
seriously dan park stop being a gay lo
by anohaceo January 19, 2009

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