Gayken - Gay and Taken.
Nick: Did you see Jake's new relationship status?
Matt: Yeah he's so lucky he's Gayken!

Sammy: I'm so upset!
Maria: Why?
Sammy: Jake is Gayken!
Maria: What's Gayken?
by GAYKENGUY2 January 28, 2013
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Noun or verb.
Noun:One who is extremely anxious, enthusiastic, and passionate for gay sex. Inspired by Clay Aiken-like men who often engage in attention seeking activites such as karaoke, bowling, yoga, and interperative dance. A gaken can be identified by his use of eyeliner, skinny jeans, a "Hammas-style" checkered scarf, and a flare for drama. A gaken without sex can be extremely volative and prone to random public outbursts.
Verb: To display very sexual behavior in the hopes of recieving hot gay sex.
"I went to the bar last night 'cause I was aching for some gayken."
"I saw a gayken freaking out yesterday at Trader Joe's because they didn't have any soy milk."
"That dude might be gay. His dance moves scream gayken."
"I'm gayken for some Breedlovin."
by Regal Beagle Smeagol March 31, 2009

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