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Searching for gay porn on the internet when no one is around
Pat: Hey Rad, what are you doing with your laptop all alone in the dark?

Rad: Nothing man, killing time.

Pat: I bet you are spending some quality time on gaygle!
by chesschap100 July 30, 2010
Searches perform to find out if someone is gay or has gay traces. When you gay google someone, you gaygle.
Young to Joe: I wonder if Ben from marketing department is gay?
Joe replies: Why don't you go online and gaygle him?
by Braintank401 April 03, 2012
A gay laugh by a guy
Josh: Can't believe you made such a gaygle over that guy falling on his ass.
Rick: That's not true, my voice didn't sound that gay.
by Ish Hanamaru June 23, 2010
Originated in New Britain, CT, by two sexy girls, drunk at the bar:
Noun: An affectionate name given to the group of homosexual man-friends had by a single woman.
Girl 1: "I looove my gays!"
Girl 2: "I know you do. They are awesome..."
Girl 1: "Yes they are. I love having a gaggle of gays around me all the time. I feel pretty..."
Girl 2: "Then would you call that a 'gaygle', then...?"
Girl 1: "YES YOU WOULD! I love it. It is what they are going to be called from now on."
Girl 2: "Excellent. Salut!"
Girl 1: "Cheers!"
by Daisy Hutchinson February 03, 2010
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