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more accurate than what most refer to as gaydar, this is similar to a geigercounter, which tells you the levels of radiation with a simple clicking sound. here, the gaygercounter clicks to give you a gayness reading for an individual (but only at close range).
Hey, dude, this gaygercounter is going nuts next to you! I think you might be a... a... a gay.
by Kerry Gibbons November 10, 2004

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A scientific instrument used to measure gaydiation from a source of gaydioactive material. This takes the form of alpha particles, beta particles, and gaymma rays.

Most often, the gaydioactivity is measured in Gays. A reading of above gayghty-gayght Gays is very very gay, and you should get the hell away from the source of it.

Also, if you emit gaydiaton, you're super gay plus one.
Dude, Krim sent my gayger counter off the scale!
by Lee Ji Hoon October 25, 2007