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Graffiti usually done with the goals of either being offensive to gays or lesbians. Aside from being homophobic, gayffiti less often can be lighthearted, humorous or just homocentric.

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The gayffiti written in sharpie on the men's bathroom wall spelled "die faggot".
by Dan "the man" B. August 11, 2009
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This is like graffiti however instead of uses spray paint or what have you. A gayffitier will make thing fabulous. And add that sparkle to everyone's life by putting there tag everywhere
'Alright mate did you see what someone did to jamal's car?'

'Ye, someone's only gone and gayffitied it, they've thrown glitter onto it and painted it bright pink'
'LooL It was probably jamal himself who gayffitied it'
by Cambam66 May 19, 2014

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