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Method by which homosexuals, unmistakably broadcast their sexuality. Unlike gaydar, with which individuals try to discern the orientation of others by subtle clues, with gaydio there is no need for discernment, and no employment of subtlety.

Whereas gaydar presupposes an intuitive ability in some people that allows them to access hidden knowledge about total strangers, gaydio is the result of deliberate communication, nonverbal and often sartorial, on the part of the homosexual.
I don't believe in gaydar, but that guy has his gaydio turned up to 11.
by Mycroft Badger November 27, 2009
7 1
music that a homosexual male is more prone to listen to. derives from radio and gay
Is that Madonna on your ipod? YOu sure do listen to some gaydio
by jett June 20, 2004
8 16