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gayden: another more humerous way of calling someone hayden
hayden walked into the classroom and instead of saying ''hi hayden'' i said ''hi gayden'' HA!
by sean mcfaden March 18, 2006
The proper term for the more commonly known, Aiden.
Metalcore/Scene/retarded kid: "Dude, I love Aiden."
Other kid: "You mean Gayden."
by Rhymejob January 22, 2007
An unecessarily ugly homosexual male with a extrodinarily large lower lip
Will be seen with a large hairy gut spilling from his shirt and an unshaven arse crack from his pants
He can ordinarily be found in posession of unhealthy snacks i.e. all the jaffa cakes
Habitually exclaims 'CRAP'
Jesus christ gayden, you FAT FUCK, you ate all the biccys!
by FUCKINGCRAP August 02, 2010
word to describe a gay kid named aidan, or to say that something is gay, or stupid, or just retarded in general
look at that gayden, he is such a gayden, that kid reminds me of gayden
by electricfetus11 March 02, 2007
someone who is camp in a stupid and retarded manner
"oh my god nick york is such a gayden"
by han n lu April 07, 2005
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