When a gay person can detect that another person is gay just by intuition. Combination of gay and radar.
He used his gaydar to pick out the other gay guys at the party.
by susiektm July 07, 2014
A mental radar that tells you someones sexuality.
Shane: Is she a lesbian?
Hannah: Nah, shes lesbiflexible.
Shane: How do you know?
Hannah: I used my gaydar. Duh!
by arianne! August 18, 2010
the ability to spot gays by using a form of radar sold on amazom.com
guy: see that guy over there, he's gay.

other guy: how can you tell?

guy: i just baught a gaydar from amazon.com

other guy: does that even work?

guy: lets ask.

guy: are u gay?

mystery man: hell yes i am boyfriend!!!

guy: told u, gaydar is always spot on!
by SkyviewJuniorHigh ROX!!!! February 27, 2011
A creatable yet theoretical device used to measure and sense one faggotry
My Gaydars going crazy that guy must be a total insta-fag
by Ultamato August 22, 2012
when you can tell someones gay just by looking at them
My Catholic school tips my gaydar off the fucking scale, I just turn the damn thing off, i know everyone in that school is gay.
by jimmy gon.her.pid January 30, 2007
A gaydar is a built in radar allowing people to distinguish homosexuals from a large group of hetrosexual people. It is often found, however, that the gaydar of a hetrosexual person works far better than that of a homosexual.
Man, i just walked past that guy there and my gaydar went off!!
by Amusement March 03, 2010
a extra sence similar to "spideysence" where you can detect homosexials as say radar detects flying objects
do my gaydar went of when your little brother walked into the room
by stoph March 01, 2004

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