The ability to detect homosexuals in any given area. Made popular by a cartoon character named Bender from the show Futurama.
*blatantly homosexual person walks by*

My gaydar is going off the chart!
by Irish August 22, 2003
A play on the word radar. Describes a person's ability to identify a person's sexual orientation, mostly based on outward sources such as appearance and demeanor.
You like HIM?! Do you HAVE a gaydar???
by joleisabeisa May 30, 2009
General Automatic Yancy Detecting And Reacting device (GAYdaR device) used to detect gay people
person 1-Whoa,look at that guy!! My General Automatic Yancy Detecting And Reacting device is going crazy!!
person 2-Where'd you get a gaydar?
by RheRhe December 06, 2010
(gay & radar), having a sense or feeling that someone is homosexual, esp. as a 1st impression.
Turn on Gaydar & tell me if its true or not.
by Darth Johnny November 30, 2010
The ability/skill to detect homosexual tendencies or traits in regular, heterosexual looking people.
Ex. 1
*John walks out of the restroom*
Dave : Hey John, where have you been?
John : Oh, I was in the restroom getting fucked in the ass by Mike.
Dave : What!? You're gay!? Man, my gaydar must be broken.

Ex. 2

Joe : God, I TOTALLY wanna bang that girl
Tony :'
Shaun : Man, Tony, you're setting off my gaydar. You probably love big fat cocks.
Tony : Damn it, Shaun, your gaydar is too good. Now unzip your pants and let me suck you dry!

Ex. 3

Darl : Fuck, my back hurts.
Joe : Do you want me to give you a back massage?
Darl : you hear that? That's my gaydar going off. And all signs of 'gay' are pointing towards you.
Joe : Fuck you, man. I just wanted to give you a nice back massage...that's all...then maybe afterwards I can stick my dick up your ass
Darl : Well, that's my cue to uhh...yeah, I'll see you when you...uhh...turn straight.
by Dipset11388 October 04, 2008
A mental radar for telling whether someone is gay
1) I have a pretty good gaydar

2) My gaydar says that guy is definitely gay
by Penguin AWESOMENESS June 25, 2013
A make-believe radar that is within the human mind. It is used to detect gay men. It is NOT, however, something that a gay man uses to detect other men, gay or not.
Person A(who is gay): Dude, how did you find me in this mall?
Person B: You showed up on my gaydar.
by the mengine November 28, 2012

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