A person's ability to sense the homosexuality in another.
"Seriously. My gaydar goes off when he's near."
by chineeeeeeeeese April 27, 2009

1. The uncanny ability or supernatural power possessed by most gay men, lesbians and fag hags to detect gayness in others. Is highly effective, especially if the object is in the near vicinity.

2. An imaginary internal machine that registers and detects radiated gayness. A gay-o-meter.

3. An obnoxious but addictive website for gay men to post personals and pictures, hook up with others and diss anyone who isn't a Chelsea queen or gym bunny.
1. Sam says he's straight, but my gaydar tells me otherwise.

2. The cute new temp at work is setting off my gaydar.

3. Man1: How was your date last night?
Man2: Awful. He didn't look anything like his Gaydar pictures.
Man1: So did you have it off?
Man2: Of course.
by dancingqueen March 07, 2005
the intuitive ability to determine whether another person is gay or not.

(portmanteau of gay and radar)
A cute guy walks by.

Your friend say, "Oh my gawd, he's hawt!"

You tell your friend he set off the gaydar before he even walked by.
by Soban Domoko October 04, 2007
like radar on a car. only for gay men or lesbian women.
"wow. my gaydar went off the scale when Sean walked by me."
by iLoveJosh<3 November 18, 2007
A radar to decect if there is a homosexual near by.
I think you set off my gaydar
by DizzyLizzy December 21, 2006
The ability to detect homosexuals in any given area. Made popular by a cartoon character named Bender from the show Futurama.
*blatantly homosexual person walks by*

My gaydar is going off the chart!
by Irish August 22, 2003
A persons ability to ACCURATELY tell if people around them are actually homosexual. Without asking the suspect or anyone who knows them directly or indirectly.
Person of "happier" inclination walks into a bar in a backwater, where incest is the norm but gays are burned at the post and manages to get laid with a local of the same sex from said bar would be said to have good gaydar and some pretty good moves!
by speculation November 16, 2009

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