the ability to sense--without being told and without obvious visual clues--that someone is gay.
Female A: He may be fine as frog hair but you won't get anywhere with him because he's gay.
Female B: How do you know?
Female A: 'Cause I've got GAYDAR!
by Elaine E. July 16, 2008
A radar detecting the homosexuality of someone or something. Gaydars are not physical devices, rather a small part of the brain used to factor characterisitcs such as voice, actions, excitement and tightness of pantwear together to get a gayreading. gaydars also do not measure any kind of speed, so don't be an idiot and see how fast you can pitch a baseball with it, or you'll lose it.
So you guys, does derek really walk the other side of the sidewalk?
Well, my gaydar on him is through the roof.

I hear Jane bats for the other team.
Hm, she does have a pretty high gaydar.

Tellitubies have the worlds highest possible gaydar.
by Sawyer June 12, 2006
Same as Radar but detects the flame within a man....aka his gay-ness. You must be extremely blessed to have this ability. Often called the 7th sense, Gay-dar can do wonders for you.You must be one with the flame to fully accomplish Gay-Dar
**"Whoa that guy is flaming...he is definately light in his loafers."
**"How do you know he is gay?"
**"Uh hello?! Gaydar...psh get with it, gaydar tells all."
by C Babi June 23, 2004
Extra sensory perception that allows one to immediatey know who is a homosexual.
Origin: The combination of the words "gay" and "radar".
Harry set off my gay-dar.
by Allora December 02, 2003
A person's gay-radar, A person's innate ability to accurately identify someone as a homosexual or not.
I've got a good gaydar. He's setting off my gaydar. My gaydar is on code red right now. She's got an overactive gaydar; she thinks everybody is gay.
by mikey Dizz September 08, 2008
Gaydar is the ''sixth sense'' that any gay man or lesbian woman has built into their genes that allows them to detect anyone within their immediate area who is also a ''member of the family''. Gaydar is NOT based on whether a gay man is flamboyant or whether a lesbian is masculine. Gaydar is activated and does detect other gays whether they are openly gay or not.
Maria: ''Angelo, I need you to tell me whether or not my new male friend is gay, because these days, one can never really tell.''

Angelo:"Maria, my gaydar has not gone off, so no, he's not gay. Trust me."

Maria:"Thanks Angelo. I knew that you'd tell me if my new crush really liked men more than he wanted to let on."

Angelo:"No biggie. What good is having gaydar if I can't use it to help my best girlfriend?"
by IkeishiiDai November 15, 2009
the ability to point out a homosexual
dude! my gardar's going off
watch out, i'm picking up a reading on my gaydar
by Oilersrule May 02, 2007

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