Person who thinks all gay people are the same.

Person who believes in the gay stereotype.
''So, you're gay?''
''I have a friend who's gay. You wanna go on a date with him?''

1st person is being a gaycist because he automatically believes they will have something in common based solely on their sexual preferences.
by tvwatcher222 November 26, 2011
Top Definition
prejudice or discrimination against a homosexual person.
Knox was being a gaycist when he said all fags need to die.
by Ali D July 09, 2006
a person who is prejudiced against homosexuals
don't be such a gaycist
by peacelover621 March 12, 2009
Someone who is anti-gay; a homophobic person.
"I didn't really like that gay guy."
"What are you some sort of gaycist?!"
by Brapt November 24, 2009
A person who hates or dislikes only certain groups of gay people or gay people who have certain personalities. A gaycist can be straight, gay, or any other sexuality.
My friend is a gaycist because, although he himself is a gay man, he can't stand flamboyant gay men.
by DaynaMarie June 22, 2013
A word describing prejudicial or discriminatory attitudes and actions aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; and which come from a place of hatred as opposed to one of fear.
"I know your mother is bisexual, but I feel the need to tell you that it's unacceptable for a member of this family to not be straight. (To be clear, I'll lie about this later, preying upon your nine-year-old psyche as if it was day-old play-dough.)"

"Grandma, what you just said left homophobia in the dust. Surprise! You're just a dirty gaycist."


"I hate fags so much that I wish they'd die slowly and painfully from multiple venereal diseases at once. I'm gaycist and proud!"
by M-Dog & Angie B September 22, 2013
Hating gay and lesbians
Rocco is so gaycist against johnny and his boyfriend. He hates them so much that he won't even go to the local swingers club if they are there.
by hectic August 06, 2014
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