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a person who is prejudiced against homosexuals
don't be such a gaycist
by peacelover621 March 12, 2009
Person who thinks all gay people are the same.

Person who believes in the gay stereotype.
''So, you're gay?''
''I have a friend who's gay. You wanna go on a date with him?''

1st person is being a gaycist because he automatically believes they will have something in common based solely on their sexual preferences.
by tvwatcher222 November 26, 2011
prejudice or discrimination against a homosexual person.
Knox was being a gaycist when he said all fags need to die.
by Ali D July 09, 2006
Someone who is anti-gay; a homophobic person.
"I didn't really like that gay guy."
"What are you some sort of gaycist?!"
by Brapt November 24, 2009
A person who hates or dislikes only certain groups of gay people or gay people who have certain personalities. A gaycist can be straight, gay, or any other sexuality.
My friend is a gaycist because, although he himself is a gay man, he can't stand flamboyant gay men.
by DaynaMarie June 22, 2013
A word describing prejudicial or discriminatory attitudes and actions aimed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; and which come from a place of hatred as opposed to one of fear.
"I know your mother is bisexual, but I feel the need to tell you that it's unacceptable for a member of this family to not be straight. (To be clear, I'll lie about this later, preying upon your nine-year-old psyche as if it was day-old play-dough.)"

"Grandma, what you just said left homophobia in the dust. Surprise! You're just a dirty gaycist."


"I hate fags so much that I wish they'd die slowly and painfully from multiple venereal diseases at once. I'm gaycist and proud!"
by M-Dog & Angie B September 22, 2013
Like "racist", but for an action or statement that is anti-gay; homophobic.
Guy #!: "I was walking down Main street and saw these two grown men in pink leotards skipping down the street holding a rainbow flag. I know they like it in the butt, but why are faggots so gay?"

Guy #2: "DAS GAYCIST!"
by oaklandgirl93 September 04, 2011