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The facial features of a homosexual man.

Includes but is not limited to: button nose, protruding lip, clenched jaw, involuntary snarled lip, triangle chin, manicured brow, fag-stash or stubble, gay grin.
Jim: Our waiter is so gay.
Bob: He is? How can you tell?
Jim: Dude, just look at his gayce.
by Nostanzo February 08, 2009
A situation/environment/science or event that while being great and Ace, also has a number of underlying issues that still plague it's usefulness in the world, making it gay

(Not in the homosexual meaning, but in the playground adoption)
Jenny: I had another anthrax jab today

Tony: Well at least you won't get Anthrax, that's Ace!

Jenny: Actually you need to have four of them, and one every year.

Tony: Oh, that's a bit gay!

Jenny: And after all of that there is still a risk of getting Anthrax

Tony: That's Gayce!
by mrthaggar January 07, 2010
Otherwise known as "BOHEMOTH IN SPANDEX".
This ravenious beast plays table tennis and if she glares you with her artificial blue eyeballs, beware, shes hungry.
This fat creature will attack when you hit the wrong angle in table tennis, or if you do not look at the table whilst playing.

Beware because this monster will not tolerate smart-ass - ness from players and she WILL tell you if you need a haircut. But no one dares telling her how horrid those tight spandex tights fear of having their bones grinded to make her bread.
Godzilla, Worlds fattest man/woman. Gayce
by Dominos July 26, 2006
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