a period of time when a heterosexual person gets tired of sex with opposite sex and prefers to have it homosexually
Shane: "Why did you go home with that random girl last night?"
Kate: "After that nasty break up with Jimmy, I needed to go on a gaycation."
#gacation #bisexuality #bi #gay-cation #homo #straight #heterosexual #hetero
by jimmbabwe September 17, 2009
Top Definition
A trip to p-town, a fire island weekend, a pilgimage to southern decadence, a white party package, an olivia cruise. A vacation that is targeted to or holds special appeal for the gay community.
Monica: John looks like shit.
Matt: What do you expect? He just got back from his gaycation.
Sandi: You know what that means. Four days of sex, drugs and no last names.
#vacation #gay #lesbian #bisexual #queer
by Matthew Lake October 02, 2006
a vacation for gay people
Ben and Mike are going to Ft Lauderdale for their annual gaycation.
#gay #vacation #holiday #fag #queer
by mac4929 April 07, 2008
(noun) \ga-ka-shun\ An all-man vacation. Often disguised as "bonding." But really, it's just plain gay.
"Mike, John, and Lawrence are going to Portland for their annual vacation."

"You mean GAYcation..."
#vacation #gay #bonding #male #mancation
by jcr March 13, 2012
noun; a period of suspension from work or study involving a trip to a predominantly gay destination for the purpose of meeting same sex partners.
He went to Provincetown for a brief gaycation.
#gay #vacation #homo #sex #trip
by mikebrew August 04, 2008
The few week period after breaking up with your girlfriend dedicated to bro-time. Usually involves getting absolutely inebriated with your guy friends and pouring out all of your emotions about your ex-girlfriend/the break up. Probable tears are involved
Bro #1: Dude Janine just broke up with me, you wanna hang out tonight?
Bro #2: Yeah let's get fucked up. You can go on a gaycation with us
Bro #1: That sounds great man- I need to talk about my feelings, plus I miss you guys.
Bro #2: Fag.
#synonyms- sensitivity week #bro time #homosexual #bein a bitch #bundle of sticks #antonyms-heterosexual #related words: cuntbucket #bro-time
by SheHateMe63 February 01, 2010
When one member of a same-sex long term relationship visits thier family alone.

When a bi-sexual man or woman goes on a vacation and has exclusive sex within his or her gender.
Victor: Hey Steve? Where's your man Mike ??
Steve: He went to visit his parents, alone !
Victor: So Mike is on a Gaycation ??
Steve: That bitch !!
#gay #lesbian #homosexual #same-sex #vacation
by OneHairyGuy July 13, 2009
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