Process of a gay man frothing up his lovers man seed in his mouth until its all foamy, and then letting it ooze out his mouth in a way that makes it look as is he has contracted rabies.
Example A: A man with gaybies attacked me on the street today it was horrifying.

Example B: Sorry Louise I gave your husband gaybies, he's now gay.

Example C: After the horrible gaybies epidemic last year, the streets were left covered in semen.
by hopenheimer April 12, 2014
1. Homosexual flying insects (alternative spelling: Gaybees)

2. Homosexually born infants

3. A form of rabies contracted from gay bee stings or gay baby bites

(singular)- Gayby

4. The greatest laboratory sport ever invented
Person 1: "You up for some gaybies?!"

Person 2: "If you're talking about small children, i'm not really into that kind of shit... but if its the sport then HELL YEAH!"
by ARedd August 25, 2011
1. A gay Baby
2. The child of a gay couple

1. A term used to insult someone who either acts gay, or has gay parents.
Hawaii is probably filled with gaybies.

Stick a dick (male reproductive organ) in your mouth, you god damn gayby!
by Dr. Jkrnr (Homologist Ph.d) June 05, 2007
A baby a gay man has with a straight woman to try to prove his heterosexuality.
Suzanne: Oh God, is John really dressing his gayby as Cher for Halloween?

Riley: Why isn't Claire suspicious that he already owns a wig and high heels?
by West by NorthSouth December 23, 2010
1. A homosexual infant
2. An infant who will later mature into a homosexual.
Every awkward silence a gay baby (gayby) is born.
by Patiolantern February 22, 2011
Contrary to popular belief this is not a baby of a gay couple. It is the disease resulting from being bitten by a homosexual dog (often a Chihuahua). The infected are overwhelmed with a desire to suck cock, irrational fear of water, and a taste for Beggin' Strips.
"Dave was a lot cooler before the Gaybies"

Women are impervious to Gaybies due to their inherent desires to suck cock and irrational fears
by Mindhead13 November 05, 2010
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