A baby a gay man has with a straight woman to try to prove his heterosexuality.
Suzanne: Oh God, is John really dressing his gayby as Cher for Halloween?

Riley: Why isn't Claire suspicious that he already owns a wig and high heels?
by West by NorthSouth December 23, 2010
The offsping of a homosexual couple.
"Wow look at the cute little gaybies in the stroller with those two kissing dudes."
by A-ron the Barbarian March 12, 2008
the baby of a gay parent or parents
guy 1: Steve is a gayby
guy 2: a WHAT?!
guy 1: he's a child of gay parents.
by graciebby123 July 08, 2009
Young children adopted by, born to, or raised by a same sex couple.

Singular: Gaby
Lucy: "Are you going to Mark and Eric's on Sunday?"

Sean: "Are you kidding? Of course! Gaybies always have the coolest birthday parties"
by ChiChiMcGee January 04, 2011
a baby in the care of a homosexual used to attract members of the same sex
me: did you see john in the park today?

bob: no..why?

me: he has a baby and was surrounded by a decent sized crowd of attractive men

bob: john has a gayby? daium i'm gonna send him a booty text tonight
by cupcake1992 January 08, 2010
1. A gay baby

2. A child of gay parents

3. A person who looks like a mixture of two people of the same gender. Basically, it's like a look-a-like, except that you can't decide whether it looks more like one person or another. But if those two had a baby, despite they're both being a man, it would look like that.
Person1: Dude, I just found Alan Rickman and William Shatner's gayby, by the bar over there.

Person2: Oh, I totally see it.
by bobswald August 14, 2010
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