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a gay or lesbian neighbor.
steve and dan are my next door gaybors.
by about a boy September 05, 2006
54 5
The gay neighbors who live in the apartment, townhouse, brownstone, building, swiss chalet or English castle next to yours.
Russell and Cody are my next-door-gaybors.
Ennis and Jack never got the chance to be gaybors.
by Mark Edward May 09, 2006
39 3
Group of gay neighbors.
These are my gaybors, Michael and Peter.
by K. H. August 18, 2005
22 2
someone who lives in the vicinity of your home who is a homosexual.
"My gaybors invited me over for dinner and drinks."
by tayduran January 13, 2007
13 1
the gay neighbors
We're going to Mike & Randy's for the gaybor party. Our straight neighbors (Rich & Nancy) will be there.
by Dawn & Kevin July 25, 2009
6 0
'Gaybors' are neighbors who also happen to be in a homosexual relationship.
Very friendly same sex couples who live next to or near you
"Hey did you see the gaybors put their Christmas lights up yesterday?!"
"Yeah! John and Michael really did an amazing job this year!!"

"Were you kept up all night by the cocktail party going on at no. 12 as well?!?!"
"Yes! Our gaybors do love their karaoke!"

"Did you see the two women who moved in across the hall??"
"You mean our new gaybors? Yeah I spoke to them earlier!"
"We've got gaybors now?!"
"Yep! They were telling me about their civil partnership!"
by Backspace1992 January 28, 2012
2 0
gay couple living together in your neighbor hood.
Do you think our gaybors Mike and Jim are committed registered domestic partners or just using eachother for sex?
by oface2 October 07, 2011
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