A generic term used to describe homosexuals of either sex, especially if the person under considerations' gender is somewhat hazey. Obviously a simple merge of gay and lesbian, Coined by the Rt.Hon Sir Toby
Look at that gaybian whipping that ginger kid's ass at the bar!
by Sir Toby October 10, 2005
Top Definition
When a female wants to be in a relationship with another female, however they both want to cross-dress as males. Therefore making them lesbians who want to be gay men, or gaybians.
So my friend decided today that she wanted to be a gaybian. I don't understand it either, but more power to her.
by BeethovenPSU November 25, 2007
This is when a person, male or female, is atrracted to both genders, therefore making them bi or gaybian
Dude I heard Herbert is a gaybian
Yeah man he said he liked John and Isabel
by Lmaohshit June 26, 2016
A gay bottom who decides to date another gay bottom.
Two lips stick lesbian dating each other or two drag queens dating each other this would make them gaybians
by Jcbuoy April 27, 2011
1. The cross between being lesbian and gay. Also known as being bi or bi sexual.

2. An insult. Something you say to someone in place of faggot or another word.
1. Person X: Why is she touching Martha like that when she was just having intercorse with Bob?

Person Y: I heard she's a gaybian!

2. Go away, you're not welcome here you little gaybian.. and stay out of my brownies!
by Meayghyn July 07, 2005
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